Lady Monica Amann, until now known as Countess Monica of Breifne, is from the date below elevated to the noble rank of MARQUIS.  The male form of this style, rather than the female, is quite deliberate and designed to emphasize the esteem in which Lady Monica is held.  The precedent for this is Ann Boleyn elevated to Marquis by King Henry VIII.

In the time that she has worked as Lady Chamberlain in the Royal Court of Breifne she has been dedicated and loyal in every respect and responds instantly to any request of command.  Her position as Chamberlain is basically that of manager of all our affairs and as such she is, for all practical purposes head of the court.  We can safely leave such matters in her capable hands as she works diligently and constantly keeps us up to date with what is happening.  Lady Monica will do well at any task to which she sets her sights.