Presidential impact

President Joseph Biden and a little town called ‘Ballina’ in County Mayo, West coast of Ireland

As I watched the Inauguration of President Biden and as that ceremony progressed, I became more and more involved and emotional as well as intellectually absorbed.   As one who was brought up in the ancient Irish tradition of Brehon law, our family has always been totally absorbed in the underlying principles.  It felt like I was listening to an ancient Irish manifesto of the years ahead under Brehon Law.  I have to say that as a man of 75 who is very politically aware with definite views, I have never before been so engrossed in US elections.  Admittedly, I was relieved that the world had been spared a further four years of what had gone before.  This was not enough to explain my emotional reaction.

A little later I found the reason when I learned about the background of the new President.  His ancestors arrived in the USA from Ballina in County Mayo, an area that managed to maintain stronger ties to our ancient Brehon laws than much of Ireland, in spite of the brutal attacks on such practices from England.

This connection fills me with hope. It is a system that grew up from among the people as needs became apparent and was administered by and for the people. An administration in the USA that is at least under some of this influence has to advance my own work to get peoples’ attention about the principle on which Brehon Law is based.

Follow this link   to the ancient Irish tradition of Brehon law, and explore further, you can also leave a message on this site and we can talk about this.

Martin O’Reilly, Prince of Breifne