Resignation of Monica Amann

To whom it may concern:
Resignation of Monica Amann

Dear Royal Family of Breifne,
Dear Members and Friends of the Royal Court of Breifne,

I’d like to inform you that herewith I am resigning from my position as Chamberlain for the Royal Court of Breifne out of private reasons, effective May 1, 2019.
Thank you all for the support you gave me to build on the Royal Court of Breifne, and that you have provided me countless opportunities to learn over all these years. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity of meeting and working with you all.
As our Highness mentioned lately, if I would resign, the work I have done will be shared within the family and members, I trust that there will be no lack when I leave my position. Of course, I’ll be available if there are any questions regarding the work I did within the Office of the Chamberlain and if help is needed.

With my fondest wishes for a bright future for the Royal Court of Breifne,

Marquis Monica

This had been dated as 2 May 2019.