The Mission of Royal Court of Breifne

The Royal Court of Breifne is only as good as the members that make up the Court. The nobles, especially the higher ranking nobles under the leadership of our royal family, support by their actions and their efforts the aims of Their Highnesses Prince Martin and Princess Ingrid. The aims of Prince Martin and Princess Ingrid are summarised in The Vision of The Royal Court of Breifne.

We support in whatever way we can the good works we see around us, especially where people are in need. We support any and every attempt to slow down the rate of climate change that is creating such horrendous climatic conditions and placing our planet at risk of disaster. This is especially important when we think of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who may well have to find ways to correct the harm that we fail to prevent now, that is if there will still be a planet to help!  We seek to interact with other indigenous peoples of the world and to establish diplomatic relationships where possible.

When we consider more specifically and with a very long term vision in mind we seek to increase the awareness of the populace world wide of the myriad of ways in which Brehon law is beneficial to society.  We believe that the principles of the ancient Brehon Law with its high premium on true equity can be absorbed as the guideline for how governments govern, how corporations cooperate and how at all levels cooperation is preferred over constant adversity. In such a system there will be a lesser tendency to work for popular choices, choices albeit riddled with broken promises, intent on holding onto seats in parliament and therefore government. This process is greatly enhanced when royalty and nobility, again governed by the same Brehon Principles of fairness, cooperate with elected government and the world of business and do so without any arrogance or self-interest.

It is our aim to use the principles of Brehon Law as they were used within the ancient Kingdom of Breifne under the Kings O’Reilly to use the principles that ruled that ancient place to overcome what has become inherent corruption and poor management. While Brehon Law was specifically a feature of the Celtic world, and given the cultural diversity that is now the norm rather than the exception across the globe that system must be modified to include all peoples and not only Celts.  In so doing all peoples will live harmoniously without fear of reprisal on grounds of religion, ethnic, political persuasion or any other pretext for bullying.  Once that happens the people will decide. Whatever happens we can no longer accept arrogant and bullying tactics.

Under Brehon Law even kings had to do what was right rather that what suited them or what they thought would be popular. Under this system men and women had truly equal rights, genuine benefits under the law and were not disadvantaged if unable to pay!  The time has come to stand up and be counted and to say to those governments, corporations and the ‘high end of town’ who do the wrong thing by their people: “enough is enough”. If you are a visitor reading this and this rings some positive bells for you then please go to “contact us” for more information or go to the “Social Network” button at the top of each page. Follow the drop down menu and click on “Application”. You will find yourself among like-minded souls with truly generous hearts.

Prince Martin and Princess Ingrid