In Irish system, traditionally there are 7 levels of ranks ranging from head of family, county level all the way to the high king.

When promoted, all previous titles are kept and apply. All noble and royals are also warriors.

Kings were elected from all those eligible for the throne. Also women could be elected as kings. System followed a principle of equity.

Everyone knew everyone else. Every man above a knight’s rank was called ‘Lord’ and every woman was called ‘Lady’. Irish court was also less formal and it was common to call knights and nobility by first name, not only royalty.

In our royal court of Breifne we use titles corresponding to the responsibility with the court.

High King – elected among 5 kings, seated in Hill of Tara, located and protected by Breifne. Many of high kings were from Brefne.

King – elected from eligible princes and princesses for each 5 kingdoms, Breifne being one of the kingdoms.

Prince and princess – born into the bloodline, eligible for throne. Princess may also be a consort, title given to a wife.


Count and Countess

Baron and Baroness

Sir, knight of court and Lady, lady of the court

(Titles below the rank of Prince / princess are European terms to reflect the different levels among Irish lords.)