Royal Court of Breifne, under the leadership of Prince Martin O’Reilly, has decided to exercise its sovereign right to establish a royal exchange as part of fulfilling the court’s mission and to honor its principles from thousands of years ago. (Please see the Royal Decree)

Ages old Breifne’s Reilly coin and other financial instruments will be re-established Gold and Silver based currency, using the latest block-chain technology. All currencies are legal tender and can be exchanged for physical gold, silver, and local currencies.

The exchange will be modeled after the successful protocols developed by the North American Monetary Exchange Corporation (NAMX) for use and implementation by the United Precious Metals Association (UPMA)—now in its 5th year of operation in the United States, coupled with cryptocurrency, blockchain technology. NAMX has recently partnered with the founders of BitShares to form Quintric Corporation. Quintric has recently developed the World’s First Family of Precious Metal Legal Tender Cryptocurrencies. for more information, go to

The new exchange and the new currencies will be based on the Quintrix monetary system, which is in the pre-launch right now.

During the pre-launch one can participate in this one of a kind investment opportunity.
In addition to personal potential gain, you will also help build the royal exchange and help fulfill the purpose of the Royal Court of Breifne.

To get started, please click here.